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Jay Goodman | Principal

No matter the challenge you're facing, Jay and his team have already experienced it in one form or another.  In over 30 years in the industry, Goodman has been an entrepreneur in most aspects of the value  chain; agent, distributor, ESCO, importer and manufacturer. His last 15 years were spent building a fixture company that started when he assembled his first fixtures in his garage in 2003.

Whether  is was raising seed stage funding with angel  investors, creating a brand, building a sales channel, designing fixtures, establishing a supply chain or any of the other disciplines required of a startup  lighting company founder, Goodman did it.

He eventually consummated a joint venture with Westinghouse Lighting and rebranded his company Westinghouse Lighting Solutions. In the meantime, he was an early pioneer of teaching material handling distributors to sell energy saving lighting to their industrial customers; creating an alternative channel strategy to market. While the alternative channel helped get the company established, it proved very difficult to scale for many reasons. Goodman eventually transitioned the business to the spec lighting agent channel and has been a champion of its efficiency and effectiveness ever since.

Recognizing another untapped market to pursue, in 2010, Jay raised additional equity capital and bought out of the joint venture to create a new company, LumenOptix. LumenOptix, pioneered specification grade retrofit solutions for retail, institutional and commercial large aperture, high lumen downlights.

In 2011 Jay recognized a large disconnect between what many new and existing lighting companies thought of the lighting agent channel vs. what he recognized as the indispensable value created by the agent. He formed Goodman & Co. to educate and guide a wide range of entities to the value, leverage, triggers, and nuances of why a lighting company can't scale without using the agent channel.

Goodman has always been the small entrepreneurial guy and has been able to get attention from his agents that is disproportionate to his company's size by understanding the life of an agent principal and crafting an answer to their many pain points. Clients have ranged from venture capital and private equity that is invested in LED lighting and controls to technology companies just entering the lighting industry to existing lighting companies that want to scale to international companies who can't seem to get traction in the U.S. market and many others.

If you ask Jay how he knows the channel the industry so well he'll most likely answer " easy, I didn't read about any of this, I lived it. I never worked in a silo at any of the big conglomerates, I had to do it all and I have all the scars on my back to prove it"


"Jay has an impressive depth of understanding of the localized nature and complexities of the lighting industry's channels to market across the entire value chain from lamps to modules to fixtures...."

Tom Connors, Ascott Group

"...happily, within the first six months of our engagement with Goodman & Co. we accomplished more in developing and implementing an SSL marketing strategy than we did in the prior 5 years, trying to figure it out on our own."

David Piaker, Chairman of the Board, ERG Lighting

"It takes a thorough understanding of the various moving parts in the lighting industry as well as the ability to connect them to navigate through its transformation. Jay Goodman not only represents this beacon of capability but also brings a collaborative and inspiring style to the table"

Govi Rao, President and CEO, Noveda Technologies

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