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We'll help identify the niche(s) that value your capabilities; where you can grow revenue, maximize margin, and reduce your number of competitors.


We'll help create and execute your channel strategy; identifying, courting, training and motivating the right agents to sell your line. In lighting the channel is king.


We'll help create the "story" behind your brand and clearly articulate it to industry stakeholders, influencers and decision makers; what will you be known for?

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Dangerous and Costly Misconceptions of the Lighting Industry

“The channel is due for disruption.”

“The internet and LED have changed everything.”

“The current channel is stacked with wasted margin.”

“There’s too many layers between the end user and the factory.”

“The channel is due for compression to lower costs.”

"We don't need agents here, we do a lot of business in Europe and Asia and we don't use agents there."

“Factories need to get closer to the end user.”

“The big lighting industries don’t understand the technology.”

“Lighting agents don’t know how to sell, they only sit back and write orders.”

Learn to Embrace Not Disrupt

Success in Lighting Comes From Telling the Right Story to the Right People Through the Right Agents

It is next to impossible to reach meaningful scale, in an economically sustainable manner, without leveraging the existing channel of lighting agents. Over the past 75+ years, the industry has gone through much change and disruption, however the one constant has been the lighting agent. While their role has evolved and the “portrait” of an agency has changed, the one absolute in the lighting industry has been the indispensable role and value of its indirect sales channel; the lighting agent.

Many have tried. Venture capital backed darlings, multi billion dollar foreign conglomerates, incredible and huge companies that have wild success in their technology sectors, but none (OK, maybe one, shoutout to industry legend Alan Ruud) have succeeded in a sustainable manner.


*inspired by Howard Schultz’s amazing book

It's a Great Time to Be in the Lighting Industry

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